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EaTSANE Practice Notes

Within the EaTSANE Project, seven Practice Notes and one Practice Guide were developed to spread the results of the EaTSANE Project with a non-scientific audience. 

The Practice Guide gives an overview on the different Practice Notes and the EaTSANE Project. 

Practice Guide Bild.png

Based on the results and outcomes of the EaTSANE Project, we developed seven Practice Notes that focus on:

  • Availability and Access

  • Quality and Utilisation

  • Intervention Strategies

Practice Guide

The Practice Guide gives detailled information on the EaTSANE-Project, the research activities and explains and connects the seven Practice Notes.

PN 2 - Three Food Strata System

The PN 3 on the Three Food Strata Systems explains a multi-crop system which is designed to produce diverese and nutrient- dense crops sustainably.

PN 4 - Preparing vegetables without soda ash

PN 4 gives information on the common yet not-healthy use of soda ash and suggests recipes to avoid the use soda ash.

PN 6 - Post-Harvest Losses 

This PN provides information on the results of the research regarding post-harvest losses and solution on how to reduce losses in the cowpea leaves and african nightshade value chains.

PN 1 - Vertical Garden

This Practice Note provides information on the topic of Vertical Gardens such as the best practices and how to build a Planting Tower.

PN 3 - Three Sisters System

This Practice Note explains the Three Sisters System which is composed of maize, pumpkin and benas and provides information on how to set up this system. 

PN 5 - Conserving and preparing sun-dried vegetables

Sun-drying vegetables can be an efficient way of preserving vegetables. This PN gives information on how to construct a solar dryer and recipe suggestions for sun-died vegetables.

PN 7 - Women's participation in the marketing of bush beans

Women's participation is important for marketing of nutrient-dense crops. This PN builts on experiences with bush beans

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